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Icelandic folk music

Icelandic folk music was widely played until the end of the 19th century, when it begins to give way to classical music and later in the 20th century to popular music, especially from the Anglo-Saxon area. In recent years, however, a return to the roots is evident and folk music is gaining considerable popularity. This is evidenced not only by performers of folk music, but also by a number of metal groups based on the traditions of Icelandic folklore.

Traditional Icelandic folk music is based on two vocal styles: kvæda and syngja. The first indicates a performance (kveðskapur or kvæðskapur), the second word translates as singing.

The instruments used in Icelandic music are mainly langspil and fiðla (Icelandic fiddle). Both instruments resemble a zither and are played primarily with a bow.

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